Proofreading and review of texts


The last step before publishing written content is revision of the text. This has to be perfect, both grammatically, stylistically and orthographically.

At Eikatrad, we know the importance of perfection when reviewing texts. For this reason, we have several text review and correction services:  

  • Orthographic and grammatical revision and correction.
  • Lexical and style proofreading and revision.
  • Proofreading and review of complete texts.

Thanks to this text correction service, your content will be free of any errors, spelling mistakes or out-of-context sentences. An extra reason for readers to trust the text.

This service is usually used when publishing documents, presentations, articles or advertising materials. Of course, it is often in line with the translation service, as in the case of scientific papers and research documents.

Process for proofreading and review of texts

After the translation or writing of a text, comes proofreading. This is used to check that it is well written in terms of orthotypography, grammar and style. Of course, we must pay attention to the coherence and cohesion of the text, taking into account the particularities of the language in which it is written.

According to the DIN 16511 standard, these corrections must be presented in .pdf or .word (x) format with the change control function or, instead, a printed version with the corrections indicated.

The review process is similar but not identical. This occurs once the translation of the text in question is processed.

When reviewed, a text is submitted to the magnifying glass of a professional translator who uses original text and looks at the context of the translation so that the text in the other language is interpreted in the same way.

Due to the complexity of these processes (accentuation reviews, upper case and lower case, order of statements, foreign words, colloquialisms…) it is necessary that the revision and correction of texts is carried out by a professional with a solid knowledge of grammar and language usage in that language.

Although it is true that word processors and specific software can help correct these errors, a human component is needed to identify errors that the machine does not detect.

Aspects such as the context or the overall intention of the text cannot be read using artificial intelligence, so it is necessary to have someone examine the text carefully, usually a person that is not part of the translation, so that possible problems can be identified.

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