Customised solutions to meet your translation needs.

You will find a summary of the services offered by Eikatrad here. Of course, if you would like information about other services, if you have any other specific need or if you want a precise and personalised quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We are specialists in translation of all types of texts on: export and import, medicine, computer science, advertising, catering, film, electronics and much more.

Eikatrad provides high-quality specialised translations. Our native translators have extensive experience and only translate into their mother tongue, therefore ensuring the best quality of results.

Our translation agency’s services:

  • Business Translation (letters, emails, communications, commercial documentation, advertising…)
  • Sworn translation (legal translations, completed by a translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Technical translation engineering, medicine, legal, technical, automotive, machinery…).

To ensure linguistic perfection, all our translators go through an exhaustive selection process to evaluate their linguistic and technical skills. In addition, each translation assignment is assigned to the translator whose profile and specialities are the most suitable for the project, both for the combination of languages and for the subject area. All translations and texts are proofread by native linguists.


At Eikatrad, we have a broad and select team of distinguished interpreters. All of them have extensive experience and specialised knowledge in a range of fields.

We guarantee that each project will be carried out by experienced interpreters in the field and in the type of interpretation requested.

Our services include:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive or liaison interpreting
  • Sworn interpreting

We also have the technical equipment you may need for simultaneous interpreting for an event that requires different interpreters, interpreting booths and headphones for attendees.

Proofreading, revision and transcription


If you have prepared some text for your company, we also offer you external help for the correction of style, spelling and contents of your documentation so that you have a standardised text that is presented impeccably so that the messaged is delivered with quality and clarity.


We digitise documentation, audio and video transcription, video subtitling… Keep all your information neat and tidy, whether it is text or in another format.

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